Mother Miracle Community Development Programs

Mother Miracle school serves the rural community in and around Rishikesh, India by providing free high quality education to underprivileged children from poor families. A number of uneducated women in their community live difficult lives. Every day they face hunger, substandard housing, abuse, lack of good clothes, and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness to overcome their situation. Many of them are the mothers or elder sisters of the children attending Mother Miracle School.

In 2009, the Mother Miracle trust created their Empowerment Program, “Earning While Learning,” for these women to learn cooking, baking, tailoring, knitting, fine crafts, and spa and beauty treatments. While they learn, they also earn a salary for the finished items they produce, which are sold in their shop in Rishikesh Market. The women gain confidence and satisfaction by learning marketable skills, and they earn greater respect at home by bringing money into the family.

You can now purchase products made by the program through Seva. We carry a wide selection of handmade products that include cotton and silk scarves made from recycled Saris, hand knit woolen scarves, one of a kind Indian lady dolls and other decor items. We are grateful to carry these products knowing how much positive energy and joy has gone into creating these works of art!

The school appreciates and can use support from sponsors to continue the much needed good work they are doing. The best ways to support them are by sponsoring a child through a small monthly contribution or donating towards their health & nutrition program to feed their children and staff. Visit to learn more.